At the 2014 Presentations we welcomed two more members to the illustrious group that is made up of the North London Lions Life Members. This is the highest honour that can be offered to members of the Lions, and is only awarded to those that contribute to the Club above and beyond the norm. In terms of number of years' involvent, in terms of participation on and off the field, and in terms of being all round top blokes. This year we welcomed two new life members: - Jay 'Dogg' Treloar: Since joining the Lions in 2005, Dogg has raised Read More
The NLL B&F for 2014 went off without a hitch. In old school Lion style, the Presentations themselves rolled on into an all-nighter, and on into the AFL Grand Final the following morning, and finally on into a hangover to rival all others. Before things got out of hand, we counted votes and handed over all sorts of awards. The highlights were: PREMIERSHIP DIVISION: B&F (Aus): Blake Seeley B&F (GB / ROW): Jase Rand Goal Kicker: Dave Strugnall CONFERENCE: B&F: Jimmy the Boot Goal Kicker: Brad Little SOCIAL MVP: Robbie Ewing Goal Read More
IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. With another season having come to a close, it's time of the year to celebrate all the successes along the way, and point and laugh at those things you'd wish hadn't quite happened in the way they did. So dig out your number ones, polish your boots, get the smile sparkling and head on down to our friends at the Windsor Castle near Baker St because you never know... you might just pick something up (or be pointed out and laughed at). WHEN: Friday September 26th, from 7pm WHERE: The Windsor Castle, 98 Park Road, Read More
This website hasn't been quite as active as we'd like in 2014. Plans are underway to address that, and you should see much more of us on here going forwards, and in Season 2015. However we are shifting a lot of the more regular banter, updates and shout outs from this website to our North London Lions Facebook page. If you haven't yet done so, get over to this address and 'like' the page: Meanwhile, this website will continue to host weekly updates from Clarence during the Season (and semi-regularly Read More
This August sees the International Cup being played once again, hosted this time by Melbourne. The Lions have a record number of players out in Aus this year, a sign of how strong our squad is and the investment we've made in ensuring our GB and ROW players are given every chance and opportunity. Representing Team GB: - Brendan McGeever (Vice Captain of Team GB) - James Talbot - Ollie DeLietto - Anish Patel - Kiran Patel Representing Team Canada: - Morgan Turner All the lads are out in Australian right now, and the first round Read More
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